Mar 13, 2019


Future Of Blogging In India:- If You Are A Indian Blogger And Wanted To Choose Blogging As Career Than It's Going To Be Very Difficult Process Because Blogging Is Quite New In India And Lot's Of People Don't Even Know About Blogger Or Wordpress. Blogging Is A Medium Of Helping Other People Via Your Content And Indian Youth Who Is Loving The Blogging Just Because Of Its Comfortability. Blogging Can Make You As Rich That You Never Thought But It Depends On Your Skills And Knowledge. So Guys In This Article We Are Going To Discuss On A Topic Called "  Future Of Blogging In India " It's Seems Very Interesting Topic So Without Wasting Any More Time Let's Begin

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# How To Get Success In Blogging 

These Days Everyone Trying There Hands In Blogging And Lot's Of People Gaining Success And Even Some People Fails Also. But  Guys In My Opinion If You Have Knowledge And Skills Than You Can Earn Thousands Of Money From Home Just Working For 1 Or 2 Hours. You Will Surely Get Success In Blogging But It Will Take Some Time And Hard work As Well Just Be Original And Never Copy Anything From Any Other Website ( But You Can Take Some Ideas From Other Website) There Are Lot's Of Indian Blogger Who Are Making More Than 2 Or 3 Lakhs By Doing Blogging

#Problems With Blogging In India

In India Career Means Government Job And It's A Mindsets That If Don't Have Government Job Than You Can Not Succeed In India,

 Indian People Have Mindsets That If You Have Government Job That Your Career Is Set But On The Other Hand There Is Blogging Where You Can Also Earn More Than Government Job But As I Earlier Said It Will Take Some Time.

 Main Reason Why Indian People Is Not Accepting Blogging As Career Because More Than Half Of Indian People Lives In Villages Where Internet Or Blogging Is Not As Famous As Other Countries

 But In Recent Years Internet Is Developing Day By Day And After Reliance Jio There Is Lakhs Of Indian People Who Joins Internet.

 Blogging In India Is Becoming Popular Day By Day But Guys, In My Opinion, It Will Take Some Time For For Indian People To Understand That Blogging Can Be Very Good Option For Career Too

Lot's Of People Who Thinks That Internet Is Just Facebook And Other Social, But They Have To Change There Mentality And We Have To Improve Our Education System So The New Generation Can Learn New Things Except That Old Stuff That Is Found On Todays Education System 

#  Encourage People To Join Blogging

In  My Opinion Guys, It's Our Responsibility To Encourage New Generation To Try There Hands In Blogging So They Can Also Learn Advantage Of Blogging And They Will Get Educated Too.

Because If We Talk About Indian Bloggers There Are Thousands Of Indians Who Are Joining Blogging And Purchasing Domain And Hosting And Starting There Blogging Journey. 

But In Very Sort Time, They Also Left Blogging Just Because Of They Did Not Get Expected Traffic And Earnings. They Think That They Can Start Earning From Day One And Get Lakhs Of Money In A Week That Is Why I Told You Guys That Blogging Needs Some Time 

So It's Our Duty To Tell Them That This Will Take Some Time But Blogging Will Pay You As You Not Expected Once You Start Getting Some Traffic.

We Have To Show Our Earnings In Regular Intervals As Well To New Bloggers In India So They Will Feel Motivated And Keep There Hard work

# Blogging Services We Get In India

If You Are Willing To Join Blogging But Don't Know Anything About Blogging Than Don't You Worry Because I Will Tell You All The Important Things About Blogging.

There Are Lots Of Platform For Blogging In India But The Main 2 Platform That Everybody Uses Is 1. Google Blogger 2. Wordpress These Two Platform Will Give You Everything You Want To Start Your Blogging And Earn Money. 

If You Are New To This Field Than I Will Recommend You To Choose Google Blogger And Learn About Blogging And After Some Time You Can Migrate To Wordpress If You Think That You Can Choose Blogging As A Full-Time Career

# Future Of Blogging In India My Personal Opinion

My Opinion About Blogging In India That All The Indian People Who Interested In Blogging Should Join The Blogging And Make Blogging Famous In Our Country So Blogging Can Also Be Chosen As Career In India And For Doing That We Have To Spread This Message With All The People And Tell Them The Benefits We Get From Blogging So They Will Be Inspired From Us And Choose Blogging As A Career. So Guys My Final Words About Future Of Blogging In India Is Very Bright If We Take This As A Positive Way.

Final Words

Tell Us About Your Views On Future Of Blogging In India, And If You Guys Have Any Questions About This Post You Can Comment Down Below.

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