May 17, 2019


What Is Hamstring Injury How To Stay Safe From Hamstring Injury:- Hamstrings Are Very Powerful And Long Muscles. They Have A Lot Of Pressure, But When You Sit Or Stand, They Can Not Be Used. Therefore, It Comes To Contraction. Creating A Tension In Them Will Not Only Give You Physically But Also Mental Comfort.

Here We Will Tell About Three Such Rugs In Which The Muscles Pull Over By Bending Forward And Get Relief. You Can Do These Rugs Any Time Of The Day. Whenever You Feel Stiffness In The Muscles And You Want To Take A Break, Just Get Up From The Chair And Remove The Stiffness Of Your Feet.

It Is Important To Remember That At The Beginning It Is Best To Stretch A Little Comfort Because At The Beginning Any Exercise Is Troublesome. Even In These Rugs, Bending Ahead With Shock Can Cause Strain In Your Back And Hurt. Maya Rao Is Telling About The Three Rugs Associated With The Hamstrings

Aired Pedestrian

In This Posture, The Parts Of The Inside Of Your Foot And Back, Stretch In The Spine And Have An Effect On Stomach Fat.

How To Stand Upright. Then Stretch Your Legs, Spread It. Keep In Mind That Your Feet Are Parallel. Breathe The Thighs Muscles, Lift The Chest, And Then Try To Bend Forward. Bring The Upper Part From The Waist To Parallel To The Floor. Keep Your Hands On Your Hips. Take Breath Three To Four Times. Then Bend Towards The Front Ahead While Keeping The Waist Straight. Keep The Hands Facing Forward And Hang On The Floor And Apply Your Forehead To The Ground, If You Can! Do Not Bend Or Thrust In It. This Currency Has To Be 30 Seconds To One Minute. Keep Breathing Normally. After This, Straighten Out While Breathing. Do This Again For Another Time.


If You Have Pain In Your Waist Then Do Not Overdo It Completely. If Your Forehead Is Not Attached To The Floor, Keep The Blanket And Keep The Head Fixed.


This Posture Brings Relief To The Brain And Provides Relief From Stress. Liver And Kidney Benefit From This With This The Digestive System Improves And The Jumps Get Stronger.

How To Stand Upright. Open The Legs To The Waist Width. Keep Legs Straight. Breathe, Drag The Body Upward And Then Bend Forward From The Waist, Leaving The Breath. Pull The Stomach Inwards. Bend Forward And Hold Both The Legs Of The Feet With The Eyes And Thighs. Relax The Hamsterstring On Every Breath. Stay In This Currency For A Minute. After This, Leave Your Thumb And Bring The Hands To Your Hip. Then Stand Upright While Breathing. Do It Only Once.


If You Can Not Keep Your Knees Straight While Holding The Thumb, Then Hold A Towel Under The Feet And Hold Both Sides. Try Not To Turn Your Knees.

Lateral Ablation

This Seat Has Pressure On The Spine, Shoulders, Buttocks, And Hamstrings (The Knee Behind The Knee), It Comes With Stretch. This Strengthens The Legs And Improves Digestive Tract. This Improves The Shape Of Your Body, Becomes More Balanced And Gives You Peace Of Mind.

How To Do It: 

Stand Straight And Stretch Your Legs Across The Shoulder Width. After This, Let Your Left Foot Be Two Feet Behind. Turn Your Left Ankle Into 45-60 Degrees. Keep Your Right Foot Straight On The Front. Make Sure That Both Of Your Knees Are Pulled Upwards. Breathe And Drag The Upper Part Of The Waist Upwards. Then Bend Forward And Bend Forward On Your Right Foot. In It, Your Hip Will Pull Upwards But Try To Have Both Hip Equals. Pull The Thighs Inwards. As Much As You Can Bow Forward, Bow Down As Much. Do Not Try To Bend Forward Forcibly. Breathe Forward A Few Breaths. If You Have Elasticity Then Bring Your Chest To Your Right Thigh. Stay In This Currency For 15 To 30 Seconds. After This, Be Breathing Straight Away. Keep Such A Left Foot Forward.


If You Have Problems In The Back Or Back Or Have High Blood Pressure, Do Not Bend Forward. Do Not Go Ahead With The Problem Where It Starts To Grow.

Try The Heel Pain

Pain In Heels And Organs Is A Common Problem. Along With Rising In The Morning, Kylogals Complain Of Pain In Heels And Edges. Many People Are Not Even Kept On The Ground. Participation From Morning To Evening Is The Main Reason For This Problem.

Doctors Say That Earlier The Floor Of The House Was Unfriendly, But Since The Use Of Marble Has Started, The Problem Has Increased Even Further. Women Are More Victims Of This Disease. This Problem Begins Because Of A Blood Attack Stopping From Below The Knees. So Do Daily Use To Avoid Problems.


All Kinds Of Asanas Can Be Done In This Problem, But In This Problem Some Actions Of Pavanas Can Be Specially Done. Here We Are Talking About Tadasana.

Tadasana Law

Stand Upright On A Vault Or Blanket. Combine The Feet Together, The Legs Of The Legs And The Thumb Will Be Found Together. Keep The Knees Tight, Shrink Your Buttocks And Tighten The Thigh Muscles Too. Drag The Stomach Inside And Lift The Ribs Upwards. Straighten The Spine And Place The Neck Slightly Behind. The Weight Of The Body Will Is Equally On The Ankles And Claws Of The Foot. Now Staying In This Condition, Tie The Hands Of Both Hands Towards The Sky And Interlock Your Fingers Together. Keep In Mind That The Elbows Are Straight. Now With The Normal Breath, 29 Folds Your Ankles Up And Down The Body Weight

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