May 22, 2019


WhatsApp Status One Word:- These Days Whatsapp Status On The New Trend In Social Media All The People Wanted To To Put Their Whatsapp Status So Everyone From Their Friends List Would Appreciate Them Whatsapp Status Also Helps Those People Who Wanted To Put Special Message For Their Loved Ones And Their Friends Lots Of People Are Searching For One Liner For Whatsapp Status Or Whatsapp Status One Word Two Friends If You Are Also One Of Them And Searching For Whatsapp Status In One Word Then You Are In The Right Place Because In This Article I Am Going To Provide You Whatsapp Status One Word For You Guys That Means I Will Provide You One-Liners For Whatsapp Status For Free So Guys Without Wasting Any More Time Let's Get Start This Article And Get Some Whatsapp Status One Word Or One-Liners

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Whatsapp Status One Word

There Are Lots Of Websites That Is Providing Whatsapp Status In One Word But They All Do Copy Paste So If You Wanted Some New Whatsapp Status One Word Then Read The Full Article And You Will Find Lots Of Whatsapp Status In One Word Without Any Problem Or Ads So Guys Let's Start This Article And Get Some One Of The Best Whatsapp Status In One Word

1. I Never Run With Scissors... Those Last Two Words Were Unnecessary Don't Read Them

2. Unwritten Facebook Rule If That Person Isn’t In The Photo, Don’t Tag Them Either

3. Good Morning…let The Stress Begin For Today

4. Dear Samsung,  Also Start Selling Jeans So That Can Accommodate Your Smartphones Too

5. Some Of Us Learn From The Mistakes Of Others; The Rest Of Us Have To Be The Others As Well

6. The Door Is Open For You To Come In And Out Of My Life. But Don't Stand In Front Of The Gate. You're Blocking Traffic Very Badly

7. WhatApp Status Missing From Starting

8. Keep Calm And Keep Kaam Se Kaam Also

9. I Have Abs………………….olutely Nothing In My Life

10. I Hope One Day I Will Love Someone The Way Women's In Advertisement Love Yogurt.

11. I Believe In Karma That Means I Will Do All Bad Things To People All Day And Assume These Were Their Karma That Turned Out Thier Mistakes

12. The Longer I Wait, The Hotter I Date And This Is The Truth By The Way

13. If I Agreed With You Then We'd Both Be Wrong I think

14. My Crush Is Like A Username, Already Taken By SomeOne Else

Final Word

That's All From This Article Guys I Hope You Guys Found Your Favourite Whatsapp Status In One Word If You Guys Found Your Favourite Whatsapp Status In One Word Then Try To Share This Article With All Of Your Friends Who Are Also Searching These Kinds Of Whatsapp Status So They Will Also Be Able To Put Their Desired Whatsapp Status One Word On Their Whatsapp Until Then Goodbye

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